Classroom Courses

Classroom Courses are arranged on request, for a minimum of 2 delegates.

Each course is held over three consecutive days at the client's premises.

The delegates keep the application they create during the training so they can refer to it when working on their own project.

Any components of the module created during the training course can be adapted and re-used in future Lectora applications.

Developing the Training Application includes the following:

  • Building the title structure including chapters, sections, and pages;
  • Introduction to Lectora's book metaphor, and the inheritance concept;
  • Adding content such as text, images, animation, audio and video;
  • Utilising Lectora's tools, such as the button wizard and page numbering tool;
  • Creating hotspots/image maps and hyperlinks;
  • Creating basic actions to produce rollovers and other effects;
  • Attaching external files and accessing them from within a title;
  • Importing content/elements from existing titles;
  • Using variables -
  • for conditional actions (if ... then ... else);
  • to show/hide/change text;
  • Adding keystroke functionality (to capture user input);
  • Creating pop-up windows;
  • Using action groups to create interactivity, and hide/show mutually exclusive elements;
  • A graded test/assessment including differently gradable question types with or without feedback;
  • Implementing test randomisation;
  • Publishing the final course (the "title");
  • Interpreting and correcting publishing errors;
  • Testing the finished product.
  • Other topics that are woven into the course:

  • Important aspects of planning prior to developing:
  • Learner's progress: sequential or random access;
  • Screen resolution;
  • Display size/dimensions (in pixels) of the application;
  • Requests to graphics artists;
  • Sensible and practical naming convention for elements;
  • Correct placing sequence of elements in the object pane (the "title explorer");
  • Accurate placing of screen elements in the display pane (the "work area");
  • Minimising development time through the use of practical shortcuts.

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