Examples of Past Projects

Some of the many successful on-line training courses developed using Lectora.

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African Bank

African Bank - System Training. Opens in new window.

Client's brief:

Create a training package that provides system training, and instructs personnel on various in-house policies and procedures.

Thus, this tutorial is a hybrid: containing a mix of system simulation and information often on the same screen.


MultiChoice - Channel Shift. Opens in new window.

Client's brief:

Information package for internal staff.


MTN - Mobile Phone Banking. Opens in new window.

Client's brief:

Tutorial for client support staff.

First National Bank

FNB - Investment Advice to Clients based on their needs. Opens in new window.

This was one of seven projects for FNB.

Client's brief:

Convert a 127 page A4-size manual without any images into an interactive on-line tutorial.

The end product consists of 222 interactive screens and over 250 graphics.

Discovery Medical Aid

Discovery - Product Update

This was one of three projects for Discovery.

Client's brief:

Introducing staff to new products, using "Music" as the theme of the presentation.

Absa Bank

ABSA - System Simulation (276 screens) Demo to come.

Client's brief:

System simulation/tutorial

276 highly interactive screens.

(Sorry, no demo at this stage.)

. . . on behalf of myself:

A video created in-house, to demonstrate capability to edit video and audio, add voice-over and backing track.




Duration: 1 minute.

Video quality: medium (to reduce file size and download time).